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Content Restoration

Fires, flooding, mold and wind can destroy structures, as well as its contents.  Content Restoration Specialists is here to assist content restoration for residential and commercial events, no matter the size of the job. Specializing in fire damage restoration, flood restoration, water damage restoration and wind damage restoration.


We know how much your possessions mean to you.  It's not easy to replace priceless items of sentimental value.  While not all items will be salvageable, Content Restoration Specialists will secure the salvageable contents of your home or office to prevent further damage. Additionally, we will record and report all non-salvageable items to the homeowners or business owners insurance company.

Aspects of Content Restoration

  • Pack-Out of all contents

  • Documentation of damaged contents

  • Odor elimination

  • Climate-controlled storage

  • Complete restoration of assets

  • Barcode assisted inventory

  • & Much more!


What to Expect when Disaster Strikes....

  • When CRS receives the call, we immediately head to the site and assess the situation. We gather the owners information and the insurance company will tell us what needs to be done.

  • If applicable, we will start a rush order, in which we will gather some of the customers clothes to have laundered as soon as possible so the customer can continue their day-to-day life as best as they can. The clothes will be returned to the customer generally within 48 hours.

  • Then we will start making a list of unsalvageable items for the customer to send to their insurance company for their review. The insurance company will then confirm with the customer what items will be declared as unsalvageable. Once the items on the list are approved as unsalvageable, CRS will discard those items.

  • The next step is the pack out. Our team will pack and box the contents of the customers home or office and take them back to the CRS facility where it will be cleaned and stored.

  • Once the contents are at the facility, they will be cleaned (if applicable) and stored in our climate controlled warehouse until the customers home or business is complete. If the contents are approved by the insurance company to be cleaned, we make sure each item is professionally cleaned and is packed back up with care.

Esporta Wash System

Instead of traditional agitation cleaning, the Esporta technology utilizes game-changing Hydraulic Action. The Hydraulic Action process utilizes chambers inside the drum, and items are placed in these chambers, held in place, and rotated. Proprietary detergents and water complete this patented and revolutionary cleaning process, guaranteeing the best, and safest, cleaning and restoration in the industry. All detergents used in the Esporta are natural and environmentally friendly.


The patented Esporta technology is designed to clean over 95% of soft contents and textiles impacted by CAT 2 & 3 Water Damage, Heavy Smoke & Soot, Trauma Clean Up, and much more. The Esporta Wash System's Hydraulic Action cleaning process has been tested in over 15 independent laboratory studies in addition to thousands of cleaning jobs. In every instance, the Esporta technology ensures products are food grade clean.

Restoration companies equipped with the Esporta Wash System easily restore more than restoration dry-cleaners. In fact, Esporta Certified Operators restore 85% of the soft contents that are considered "non-restorable" by restoration dry-cleaners.

What can the Esporta clean?


Did you know that 12%-20% of contents from a fire or flood loss can't be dried in a conventional dryer? 

CRS' unique drying room ensures all contents will be dried safely and thoroughly ensuring no damage throughout the drying process.

The Esporta Wash System has no comparison in the cleaning industry. It has established itself as the world leader in the cleaning of textiles, soft contents, sports equipment & fire fighter protective ensembles (PPE). Online operator training & exam certification is mandatory for all Esporta operators to ensure consistency of
wash results, by trained operators. The Esporta System equipment is connected to the internet, which allows an Esporta Technician to remotely trouble shoot mechanical issues, to ensure all wash programs deliver a quality finished wash product meeting the standards set by independent 3rd party lab tests. The ability to
remotely access the Esporta System ensures all wash programs are current and up to date.

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Ultrasonic Cleaner

What is Ultrasonic Cleaning?

Ultrasonic cleaning is a technology unique in its ability to remove contaminants from hard contents. Ultrasonic cleaning has the ability to effectively clean contents to surgical grade clean, which is not possible using other technologies. Hard contents include china, delicate figurines, ceramics, mini-blinds, silver, brass, chandeliers, plastics and much more.

Under pressure of continuous vibration, cavitation bubbles stretch and compress at a fast rate. Once they reach a certain size, as determined by the frequency and strength of the sound waves produced, the bubbles lose structural integrity and collapse violently. When these implosions happen near a surface, the bubbles emit high-powered streams of plasma that travel at more than 500 miles per hour and collide with, agitate and remove even very tiny particles and substances from that surface.

In an ultrasonic cleaning machine, this happens millions of times per second, but because cavitation bubbles are so small the process is both highly effective and very gentle. Ultrasonic technology can be used to clean metals, plastics, glass, rubber and ceramics. It effectively removes a wide variety of contaminants, even if present only in trace amounts, including dust, dirt, rust, oil, grease, soot, mold, carbon deposits, polishing compounds, wax, pigments, lime scale, bacteria, algae, fungus, fingerprints and biological soil.


Omegasonic's Ultrasonic Cleaner not only cleans contents from a fire or flood loss, but it can also clean firearms, tools, dental and surgical instruments, car fuel injectors and carburetors.

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